A Funko Collection: Pop! Bobbleheads

A Funko Collection: Pop! Bobbleheads

Over the past three years, Matt McNett has built up a bobblehead collection worth thousands.

The collection, which includes 141 Star Wars bobbleheads, is worth roughly $11,450.  Matt, Information Technology Analyst for Mid-States Concrete Industries, has another 14 bobbleheads on pre-order, just waiting for delivery later this month.

It all started when he was gifted a few Marvel bobbleheads, which he kept on his desk at work.  When Matt spotted a couple Star Wars bobbleheads at the store, he picked those up as well.  And when he learned his Marvel bobbleheads were worth about $50 each, he decided to sell those, and bought more Star Wars bobbleheads.

“I just saw I had some and decided if you’re going to do something, do it all the way,” Matt said.

Included in that collection is a Chewbacca bobblehead, which Matt paid about $1,200 for.  Its current value is about $1,600.  Three years ago, he purchased a Shadow Trooper for about $300.  Today, it’s worth about $1,800.

Matt didn’t put all of his extra money and time into this collection though.  He actually sold about $2,000 worth of collectible items that were not Star Wars related, to continue building the Star Wars collection.  And he spends only about an hour a week surfing the various trading groups on Facebook and eBay and the official Pops by Funko website to see what’s coming out next and what he still needs.  The key is to order early.  As Matt explained, the earlier you order a bobblehead, the better the price you’re going to get.

Sometimes, finding a needed bobblehead can be almost like Black Friday shopping.  The term “pop hunting” refers to scouring the stores for the ones you need, which can sometimes be difficult, especially if the bobblehead you want is a limited edition or special release.

This hasn’t been a problem for Matt though.  He even recently found a Greedo bobblehead, but not just any bobblehead.  This is one of only 150 signed by the actor who plays the character in the movies, Paul Blake.  Matt is one of only five people he knows of in the Funko Community who has a complete collection.

Roughly two new bobbleheads are released each month.  Prices can be as low as $10 standard retail to $50 for exclusives.  There is also a Star Wars Pop Subscription Box out there, that is about $25 bi-monthly and usually contains a couple bobbleheads.  Comic-Con and other events are also known to release bobblehead exclusives.

“As a kid, I watched Star Wars quite a few times,” Matt said of this themed collection. “… It’s one of those things that hasn’t died.”

Matt keeps all of his bobbleheads in plastic and in their boxes, displayed in his Star Wars themed office.  He plans to keep collecting until its worth a “good sum of cash” and will then maybe sell out some of the exclusives.

Until then, happy collecting!

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