Bringing Projects to Life

Bringing Projects to Life

With the help of Tekla BIMSight software, Mid-States Concrete Industries can make projects come to life on the plant floor.

Tekla BIMSight allows users to view the 3D model created with Tekla Structures.  Going forward, Michael McNett, IT Manager, and Jon Recknagel, Structural Designer, envision using this software in both production and in the field.

Using the technology in production is a great way to give the team on the plant floor a bigger picture view of what they are working on.  With the 3D model, the team gets a visual of the entire structure, as opposed to just the wall panel they are working on at the moment.  With the software, production is able to glean more information about the project they are working on.  This can help the team in planning, improving both work efficiency and accuracy.

“It will give employees an opportunity to see a building from all different angles,” said Mike Wolff, Vice President of Safety and Plant Operations, adding it helps team members get excited about what they are doing and take pride in their work.

Wolff said the 3D images of the Tekla software have also allowed the team to find any issues with the project long before the drawings hit the plant floor, making the whole process more efficient.

In the field, both McNett and Recknagel think the visuals that BIMSight offers could help for planning.

“They put together a puzzle without seeing the final product, but now we’re giving them the final product first,” Recknagel said.

While production managers have been introduced to Tekla BIMSight, the plan is to launch it on the plant floor with the next Tekla project.

“We love it,” Wolff said.

In addition to putting the model on the plant floor and out in the field, the software also offers live communication functionality, meaning someone on the floor could communicate with the designer who worked on the project via Tekla.  Recknagel sees this as a tool to aid in a seamless transition from engineering to the floor.

“We knew that long-term we wanted to make the projects come alive; now we are doing it,” McNett said.

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