Buttercup at 3,000 Feet

Buttercup at 3,000 Feet

Buttercup + Leinenkugel + iPod = Best Flight Ever

May 9th, was the day we flew to Washington DC for our grandfathers memorial service at Arlington National Cemetary.  My brother and one of my cousins drove down from northern Wisconsin, while I traveled from Illinois to meet at General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee, WI.

Although my experience in air travel is somewhat limited, Milwaukee is the best place to fly out of and I recommend Air Tran to everyone.  This story is one more reason why.

Once we had gone through security and recombobulated, there really is a sign that says “Recombobulated Area”, my brother thought it was a good time to make a donation to the Leinenkugel family.  Unknown to me was the fact that my brother gets a little tense on planes.  After a couple tall Summer Shandy’s, it was time to board.  Let the fun begin.

Josh drew the window seat.  It didn’t seem that hot in there but he started to bead up a little on his forehead.  Believe it or not I was trying to help him by talking about his work and other things to take his mind off of it.  Probably didn’t help when my cousin leaned over and asked Josh to let her know if the wing falls off.  Time to meet the flight attendant.

Seat belt light came on and we kept talking.  The flight attendant was going down the aisle and stopped at my cousin, picked up one end of the seat belt, looked at her and looked at the belt, looked at her and dropped the belt.  My cousin, Sarah, was fired up now.  I was cracking up and ready to give the attendant a tip already.  Josh grabbed a pinch of chew hoping that would help him.  In a couple of minutes the attendant returned and started to make small talk. She asked Josh what he did for a living.  He explained that he is an English teacher.  She seemed excited and asked him to pull out the pamphlet that was in the seat in front of him and find what is wrong in the one paragraph.  I kept reading it trying to find the grammatical errors before he did.  Fourth time through, I realized I was reading about the fines for chewing tobacco on a plane.  She was on her game.  Now he is really stressing.

As the crew is reading the safety procedures, I am talking to Josh, still trying to help.  Whap!  The attendant smacks me in the forehead with the instruction sheet.  Now the whole plane is laughing.  Sarah is warming up to her now.

Once the plane was up, which was far more adventurous for Josh than the rest of us, the attendants came through with beverages.  Josh had also brought his iPod to listen to but he had it in his daughters pink case.  Perfect time for the attendants to come through.

“Cute case Buttercup”, came from the first attendant in her southern accent.
“Aww, would you like a pink lemonade to drink Buttercup?” ,was from her partner in crime.  Our entire area was cracking up, even the little girl behind us.

Eddie Murphy and Sam Kinison were loaded on the iPod, another plan by my brother to divert his attention away from flying.  Have you ever seen a kid at a music store with the headphones on talking really loud? Josh started laughing.  Josh kept laughing.  Our southern flight attendant stopped by and started mouthing a question to Josh.  Josh couldn’t hear any of her three attempts, so he took the earphones out and she yelled, “What’s so funny?”   Unlike the kid at the music store, my brother realized how loud he was.  Whole section was laughing again.

The Air Tran crew made a flight that was on a sad premise the most enjoyable flight we ever had. Their team went out of the way to make sure everyone enjoyed the trip.  Their customer service was amazing.  They went beyond what was necessary, had a great sense of humor and brought smiles to dozens of faces.  They also earned a few repeat customers.

The flight back was its own adventure that included Josh leaving the boarding area to go back through security to buy his daughters tee shirts and being one of the last people on the plane. The attendants had everyone clap and stomp their feet as we went down the runway and throw our hands in the air as we took off.  And a little kid getting sick in the seat behind him.

What are you doing to make the best of every situation that comes your way?


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