Challenging the Beast

Challenging the Beast

We have some beasts in our Mid-States family.

They run through mud, climb over walls and under barbed wire, throw spears, climb ropes and jump over fire.

On Saturday, May 7th, Mid-States own Jaron Combs, Vice President of Construction, and Vas Dudnik, Structural Engineer, took a ride on the wild side when they participated in a Spartan Beast race at the Wilds of Cumberland, Ohio – a safari park.  The 12+ Mile Beast features more than 30 Signature Spartan Obstacles and tests not only the endurance, perseverance and grit of the racers, but also their minds, according to Spartan Race.

Vas trained at least five days each week for a month leading up to the race, incorporating everything from cycling and running to weight lifting and burpees.  Jaron spent his lunch hours at the YMCA, focusing on cardio and strength training.  He has hay bales in his backyard to practice his spear throwing and a tire to flip.

Both Vas and Jaron had completed Spartan races before.  In fact, Jaron completed the Spartan Trifecta in 2015 and the two are aiming to be Spartan Trifecta Finishers in 2016.  To achieve a Spartan Trifecta, a person must complete a Spartan Sprint, a Spartan Super and a Spartan Beast in a calendar year, anywhere in the world.

Jaron and Vas will run the Spartan Super on June 11 in Chicago and the Spartan Sprint on June 12 in Chicago.  Jon Recknagel, Structural Designer for Mid-States, and maybe a couple other team members will join them.

“It keeps me fit and makes me more confident,” Vas said of what he gets out of racing.

He added that training for the races makes him more energetic and helps keep his attitude positive.  Since oftentimes he is racing with colleagues, the competition also provides team building.

The race pushes participants to give every obstacle everything they have.  For each obstacle not completed, the racer must complete 30 burpees before moving on.

“You learn what your weaknesses are, where you have to train harder, pushing through the pain,” Jaron said.  “… Giving up and getting a ride to the end is not an option.”

Jaron’s favorite thing about racing is the challenge of it.  Quitting is NEVER an option, especially when racing with others.

“You just don’t want to be the weak link,” he said.

GOOD LUCK to all of the Mid-States team members racing in Chicago in June!

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