Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving week is upon us and as we do every year, we look forward to a bit of time: time to be with family and friends, time for a little extra sleep, time for hunting, time for football, time for eating a special meal, time for a little shopping, time for a movie… time.

Before the week is out let’s take time to reflect, to be grateful for three things in our life.  Stop, just for a minute, maybe now, maybe before you fall asleep on a night this week to really be thankful, to put a smile on your face.  It’s important to remember not everyone has the same blessings, it’s easy to take for granted our warm homes, our beds, the food we eat.  Maybe your call this week is one step further, finding a way to make a gift to someone who may be less fortunate.  As simple as opening a door for someone or helping them carry a bag to their car.

Giving = Gratitude.

I am grateful for all of you, those who put their trust in Mid-States every day – you, our customers, you, our team members and your families and you, our partners.

Have a wonderful week!



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