Goat Rodeo

Goat Rodeo

The Urban Dictionary defines Goat Rodeo as:

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A Goat Rodeo AKA Goat Rope, is about the most polite term used by aviation people (and others in higher risk situations) to describe a scenario that requires about 100 things to go right at once if you intend to walk away from it.
This term has also been used to describe meetings, interviews,projects and more.
Related to our industry it seems to be a great phrase.  Obvious things like the economy, project budgets and schedules often make some projects feel like a Goat Rodeo.  The key to those 100 things going right is who your partners are and how much they care.  I am very blessed to work with a great team of people who go all out every day.
Aside from being fun to say, come on try it “goat rodeo”, it is a reminder as to how many moving parts there really are.
– Jeremy Olivotti

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