Hollowcore is the most versatile of all Mid-States concrete products.

Speed of construction for hollowcore plank is unprecedented.  No other flooring system can match the installation rate per day.

Versatility.  You can design plank to work with steel, masonry, CIP, metal stud or precast building components.

Clear spans.  Column free interior space provides design freedom and lets you maximize the use of your space now and in the future.

Durability.  Hollowcore plank is resistant to nature from termites or hurricanes to high winds and seismic events.

Fire safety.  Concrete does not burn and can never be turned off or malfunction.  Hollowcore plank has a minimum 1 hour fire rating.  A structural topping can increase that up to a 4-hour rating.

Efficiency.  Run the numbers and estimate your next project by calling Mid-States.  Savings in cost and time will keep your project on time and on budget.