Karen Wright: Crafty Colleague

Karen Wright: Crafty Colleague

Every evening, Karen Wright settles in for some quiet time with her needle and yarn.

She learned how to crochet when she was just seven-years-old, visiting her aunt in North Carolina.  At the time, it was something to do other than work on the farm.

But, it was a hobby she stuck with.  And after being a smoker for 21 years, crocheting even helped Wright, who has been with Mid-States since Nov. 2015 as accounts receivable specialist, quit smoking.  Wright gives away everything she makes and she knew people didn’t like the smell of smoke on their things.  In April, Wright will be smoke free for five years.

It takes Wright roughly three days to crochet a baby blanket and about three weeks to one month to crochet an adult blanket.  She has probably made well-over 100 adult blankets, which she has given away to family and close friends.  Wright just really likes to give personal gifts.

“It’s just instant gratitude,” Wright said.  “They’re really nice and not everyone can do it (crochet).”

Crocheting has evolved in to other crafting as well.  Wright and her husband Bill do something crafty for every holiday, like making Easter Bunny cutouts or creating pumpkins with all the grandkids’ names on them.  They really like painting on glass and re-purposing wooden pallets.

“We just have a passion for turning something old into new again,” Wright said.

It’s a passion the two have shared with their grandchildren as well.  Whenever the kids visit, Wright makes sure to have some sort of craft for them to work on.  And if the two are hosting a party and know kids are coming, Wright personalizes something for them.

Wright even hosts craft nights at her home, like a pumpkin paint night for Halloween where the Wrights invite family and friends over and provide all the supplies for a craft.  At Christmas time, they do a stocking craft night.

The Wrights have both their garage and shed full of holiday decorations, about half of which are homemade by the two.  They also have an entire room dedicated to crafting.

While Wright gets many of her ideas from Pinterest or just searching the web, friends often come to her with ideas, too.

“No matter where I go, or what we’re doing, people always have an idea to show me,” Wright said.

She doesn’t mind though.  Crafting is her relaxing time.  Plus, there is nothing like a handmade item to create memories.

One thought on “Karen Wright: Crafty Colleague

  1. Hagen Harker

    Karen, your gratitude for giving shines through every day! No wonder you’re always in such a joyful and loving state of mind; and it’s very contagious. What gift God has given you and Bill and it just keeps on giving back. Congrats on the five years smoke free. Incredible. Thank you for setting an example for all of us. Just think if we gave as much as you did. This would be quite a world. Inspired.


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