Meet Joe

Meet Joe

Joe works on the production team at Mid-States Concrete Industries.  He works hard to impress his co-workers, boss and family and has a lot riding on the company.  Joe relies on Mid-States to provide for his family and raise two wonderful boys.

Joe’s family lives in Beloit, Wisc.  They have a dog named Jack and love to vacation in Florida.  In his free time, Joe likes to wrestle with his kids, watch football with his family and friends and cook out on his grill.

He also enjoys watching sports on TV and movies with his wife and sons.  He loves rock music, but will listen to pop music when his wife gets her hands on the radio dial.  At night, he settles his kids down with a bed time story.  For his own reading time, Joe prefers autobiographies.

Joe values honesty, trust and hard work and has a passion for delivering high quality Mid-States products to our clients on time, on budget and on target.  He needs consistent work and looks for opportunities to advance within the company.  His biggest fears or worries are not being able to provide for his family, the health of his family and that another recession will hit.

Joe is one of the most important customers we have.  He is a customer on every single project we do.  While he can be frustrated by the ups and downs of work, he really appreciates consistent work and a solid and trustworthy leadership team that will help him grow with Mid-States.  He always works hard to make sure we use best practices and quality control measures to ensure that everything that leaves Mid-States is something we can all be proud of.

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