Mindy Frank Promoted to Project Design Supervisor

Mindy Frank Promoted to Project Design Supervisor

In her 16 years with Mid-States Concrete Industries, Mindy Frank has filled multiple roles and participated in many projects.

She began her career with Mid-States in 2000, hired as a project designer.  Mindy started drawing in high school – when they still drew on boards – enrolling in every class available to her.  Following high school, she attended Morrison Institute of Technology where she drew with CAD for the first time.  Mindy also tutored other students during four of five semesters she was there.

After a couple years on the Mid-States team, Mindy started helping with some of the IT needs of the company.  Before long, she enrolled in Herzing University in Madison, taking classes at night after work.  It took a couple years, but she earned four Microsoft certifications: A+, Net+, Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.

Until Mid-States added full-time IT professionals to its team, Mindy provided things like basic maintenance and email setup, as needed, while still working primarily as a project designer.  Basic maintenance wasn’t always so easy though, like the time she spent the night at the office working on failed servers for 33 hours straight.

Mindy’s latest role at Mid-States is that of project design supervisor.  In addition to drawing, Mindy will also help review and determine the time necessary to prepare shop drawings for jobs; identify training needs and help strengthen the team by sharing best practices and standardizing work; lead the standards team; and train and mentor new hires, among other things.  Given Mindy’s experience, it isn’t unusual for others in the department to come to her for questions, suggestions or advice on a job.

Jaron Combs, Vice President of Construction, said it’s Mindy’s wealth of knowledge, her efficiencies and her true commitment and compassion to the plant floor that make her a perfect fit for this position.

“I’m looking forward to making a difference with the way things flow in our department,” Mindy said.

Mindy prides herself on her quick, accurate work and on making minimal errors.  She holds herself to high standards and willingly puts in extra hours to keep the entire Mid-States team working.  Mindy wants to make sure when someone spots her initials on a drawing, they know they are getting a seamless, problem-free job.

Two of Mindy’s favorite jobs included 5th and Florida in Milwaukee, a large parking deck featuring hollowcore plank, precast walls, beams and columns, and Confluence on Third in Des Moines, a large beam, column and hollowcore project.

“They really liked it (Confluence), which to me… I get tickled out of pride,” Mindy said.

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