My Trip to Arlington

My Trip to Arlington

On May 11th I, along with one of my brothers, our aunt and two cousins, had the honor of attending the burial service for my grandfather, William Koski, at Arlington National Cemetery. My grandfather was one of the most important people in my life. To see him honored in this way was very special to all of us.

After the service, we walked around the 624-acre cemetery.  The headstones, perfectly spaced to form lines in all directions, all have a story to tell.  There were nine of us at my grandfather’s service, forever blessed by his life and sacrifice.  Realizing that every headstone has a family and group of friends attached to it like ours helped me to understand how great the people that make up this nation are.

My cousin and his wife are both in the Air Force and were in uniform as we toured the cemetery.  Several groups of students stopped to thank them for their service.  This did a couple of things, it encouraged us to see that so many young people “get it”, the second thing is that it had my cousin speechless a couple of times.  If you knew my cousin, you would understand how rare this is.

As we approached the Tomb of the Unknowns there was a feeling of respect and reverence that is hard to understand unless you have been there. The changing of the guard is an awe-inspiring display of respect and honor.

As we celebrate Memorial Day this year, we will celebrate with thankful hearts for the sacrifices of so many.

-Jeremy Olivotti

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