Optimization Helps Streamline Process

Optimization Helps Streamline Process

The Mid-States team is always looking for ways to streamline its processes.

Just recently, the team developed a tool to work with our custom rebar component in our Tekla software.

“Prior to developing this tool, when engineers designed inverted tee beams, they would have to somehow convey the amount of shear and flexural reinforcement to the drafters,” said Vas Dudnik, Structural Designer for Mid-States.  “The drafters then would have to calculate spacing between stirrups and manually re-enter this information into the model.  The new tool allows us to directly import the reinforcement data from engineering into the model.  This process goes along with the main goal of Tekla, to require information to be entered only once.”

With this new component, the C# app is able to read the PDFs from our Concise Beam software, and, through a series of algorithms developed by Mid-States, recreates these as Tekla component files.

“For each beam, it gets its own file that describes the reinforcement it needs,” said Michael McNett, Information Technology Manager for Mid-States.

In addition, where project designers used to have to do some figuring to determine the spacing of the reinforcements, the tool now does this for you, based on the algorithms, with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

Matt Keith, Project Leader for Mid-States, said this new tool saves about 10-minutes per beam for a simple beam and nearly 80 percent of the jobs drawn in Tekla have at least a few simple beams.

“Even if it’s not (a) simple (beam), it still gets you 80 percent of the way,” Matt added.

The entire Tekla team helped develop the custom component necessary to use this new tool, which provides for more time efficiency, less tedious work and fewer errors.  Overall, it makes for a more seamless transition as project drawings get passed from engineering to production.

The team is excited to continue customizing Tekla to meet the company’s needs and is constantly looking at ways to achieve higher efficiency.  Their next step will be to continue to modify this new tool for use with other precast pieces, like columns and hollowcore plank.

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  1. Hagen Harker

    Accurate and efficient Solutions that improve the time to market for precast building components is a win-win for building owners, contractors and the design team! Great job Mid-States Tekla team!


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