Precast Helps Aesthetic Visions Become Realities

Precast Helps Aesthetic Visions Become Realities

Precast concrete is the perfect medium for architecture.  Precast concrete is a high performance material that integrates easily with other systems and inherently provides the versatility, efficiency and resiliency needed to meet the multi-hazard requirements and long-term demands of high performance structures.

Precast is Versatile
Precast provides an incredible array of aesthetics options, whether your project needs to blend-in with the surrounding environment, or stand-out from the crowd.  Precast comes in essentially any color, form and texture and can emulate, embed or veneer traditional materials as well.  Precast concrete wall panels can also combine several finishes into one panel without flashing or additional detailing, which saves time and money.

Precast is Efficient
Precast concrete can combine continuous insulation, a continuous air-barrier and vapor retarder efficiently all into one panel.  It can also combine several finishes into one panel.  This reduces construction complexity, detailing, and the risk of improper installation of these important building enclosure components.  Also, since precast concrete arrives at the site ready for installation and does not require protection from rain, sun, snow, wind or extreme temperatures, it saves time and money and reduces the potential for change orders due to winter conditions.  Precast concrete is one of the fastest building systems available, and is manufactured offsite minimizing project site disturbance, while maximizing quality.

Precast is Resilient
Precast concrete inherently provides a high degree of quality and durability including multi-hazard protection from storms, flying debris, high winds, and can be designed to protect against explosions and earthquakes.  Precast also provides inherent fire resistance and does not require additional fireproofing.

~ Information provided courtesy of PCI

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