Prent Thermoforming

Testimonial from Tom Simmons, Manufacturing Engineer

Q: Why did you choose to work with Mid-States for your hollowcore needs?

A: Mid-States was recommended to us by one of our trusted contractors.  In this case, our mason, Martin Lavery.  He had worked with Mid-States in the past and gave them high marks.

Q: Were you satisfied with how Mid-States handled your project?

A: Mid-States provided near constant updates regarding the status of our material in terms of production start dates and installation dates.  They were also extremely helpful in figuring out the best way to prep the installation site.  Mid-States was also very flexible when we had to change our installation date after a production start date had already been scheduled.

Q: Would you work with Mid-States again for future projects? Would you recommend Mid-States to others?

A: It is my plan to work with Mid-States again on the second phase of the current construction project.  Experience so far has shown that Mid-States is serious about providing their products and services in a straightforward, hassle-free way.

Q: Is there anywhere you think Mid-States could have improved when working with you on this project?

A: No recommendations at this time.  The process was completely smooth.

Janesville, WI

This project was a mezzanine job for a build-out for new clean rooms.  Prent Thermoforming manufactures thermoform medical packaging, electronics packaging and consumer packaging.

1,625 square feet of 8” Hollowcore Plank