Revolutionary Plant Training

Revolutionary Plant Training

Mid-States Concrete Industries is going to revolutionize its Plant Personnel Training Program.

Under the proposed Plant Training Program, the Concrete Industry Management team will create and use training checklists based on the SWIs currently being used by all employees.  The training program will focus on training the employee on how things are done from start to finish.  An assumption will be made that the new employee is completely unfamiliar with the precast/pre-stressed industry, so training must include an explanation of why all the steps are not only important, but necessary.

Currently, when a new hire starts at Mid-States, he receives two days of safety training in the classroom and then gets assigned to an experienced employee for training.  While that employee does his best to train the new hire, that employee is also still responsible for completing the tasks of his job every day, making training a challenge.

Under the new training program, Mid-States has promoted two Foremen to Training Specialists: Ethan Hall and Jeremy Ceballos.  They will begin in their new positions on Oct. 24th.  Both will be trained on how to train employees and will be responsible for training not only new hires, but also retroactively training all existing employees.

“It’s a big project and there’s a lot to it, but it’s something we’ve needed for a long time,” said Mike Wolff, Vice President of Safety and Plant Operations.  He commended Emmanuel Fontes, Production Manager, who will serve as the champion for the program.

Hall started with Mid-States Concrete Industries in 2013 and was promoted to foreman in 2014.  He recalled the training he received when he started and said it would have been nice to have someone to lean on.

“It’s tough being new at any company,” Hall said, adding having someone dedicated to employee training, rather than someone who also has production duties and schedules to manage, will be beneficial. “… It’s going to be nice to invest in our employees.”

Ceballos started with Mid-States Concrete Industries in 2013 and was promoted to foreman in 2014. In his new position, he is looking forward to one-on-one training so all employees receive consistent training.  Ceballos believes this kind of training will make the job easier for everyone involved.

Hall, Ceballos and Fontes will also work to update all Standard Work Instructions to make sure that not only are they correct, but that they are being utilized in training.

Long term, this training program will ensure that all employees are trained correctly and are re-trained on a regular basis.  With above average training comes lower turnover, an even safer work environment and even higher quality control.

“It’s a great program,” Fontes said.

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