Robert Crosby Achieves Quality Control Certification

Robert Crosby Achieves Quality Control Certification

Mid-States Concrete Industries is proud to announce that Robert Crosby has achieved Level I and Level II Plant Quality Control Certification from PCI.

According to PCI, plant quality control manuals MNL-116 and MNL-117 require that plants have a PCI Level II-certified technician present at all times during production if the plant produces products with prestressed reinforcement.

After hearing supervisors and managers talk about the importance of the certification, Crosby, who has been with Mid-States since Oct. 2013, knew he was interested in becoming certified.  He spent September through earlier this month (December) studying with a PCI-issued training manual.  Crosby said he studied nightly and on the weekends, and would often use his study time as a way to wind down at the end of the day.

He learned in great detail about testing and monitoring the concrete and how that has a big effect on its durability.

“Quality control makes for a better and safer product,” he said.

Crosby went to Nashville from Dec. 4 – Dec. 7 for the testing process at PCI.  A day of review and study was offered before the Level I certification, which Crosby passed with an 85-percent.  Following that exam, a study session was offered prior to Level II certification, which Crosby said was much harder as it required many calculations.  Crosby passed the exam with a 73-percent.

Crosby dedicated himself to becoming certified because he strives to do well and wants to be the best at what he does.  Through studying and becoming certified, Crosby learned exactly what needs to be done to get the best product out to customers.

“This is our best line of defense for a safe and quality product,” he said.

Since studying and becoming certified, Crosby now understands the “why” behind the way things are done.  He added it would be helpful for a couple of people in each department to become certified and would be happy to share his notes with anyone trying.

“Quality is there to help with production and make sure our product is 100-percent right,” Crosby said.

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