MCI Site2It is the policy of Mid-States Concrete Industries to provide every employee with a safe and healthy workplace.

When a person enters the employ of our company, they have the right to expect to be provided with a proper place in which to work, as well as proper and safe machines and tools with which to do the job, and that the employee will be able to devote his or her energies to their work without undue danger.

Only under these circumstances can the association between employee and employer be mutually profitable and harmonious.  It is our desire, intention and responsibility to provide a safe workplace, safe equipment, proper materials and to establish and insist on safe methods and practices at all times.

People are our most important asset – their safety is our greatest responsibility.

It is a basic responsibility for ALL employees of this company to make the SAFETY of fellow human beings a part of their daily, hourly concern.  Each person who conducts the affairs of the company, regardless of the capacity in which they function, must accept this responsibility.

Mid-States Concrete achieved SHARP designation in July 2017.  All production foreman are 30 Hour OSHA Certified.  All field service team members are 30 Hour Certified.  Mid-States Concrete Industries is in pursuit of VPP Star status.