Spartan Race: You’ll Know at the Finish Line

Spartan Race: You’ll Know at the Finish Line

On September 27th, seven of us here at Mid-States competed in and finished the Chicago Spartan Super. The race is an obstacle course race that is 8+ miles with 20+ obstacles. Admittedly what seemed like a great idea 6 months prior was making most of us (all of us if we are honest) a little nervous. For all of us this was our first obstacle race, although Bill Abel has completed two 100-mile ultra marathons (he is crazy). The goal was for all of us to get into better shape than we were when we signed up and to finish the race as a team by helping each other along the way. Banged up and bruised and as muddy as possible, we accomplished all of it. The obstacles were incredible. The spear throw, barbed wire crawl (through muddy water pits), many walls, steep hills, rope climb (which kicked all of our butts), monkey bars and atlas carry were some of the favorites. The 30 burpees you have to do if you are not able to complete an obstacle, well those were very tough. We had a blast! So much fun in fact that we are issuing a challenge to the other precasters in the region to a race in 2015. Stay tuned. Check out this short video of our race!


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