Staining Precast Concrete Walls

Staining Precast Concrete Walls

When it comes to architectural finishes on precast wall panels, staining is a very cost effective finish. With project budgets almost always very tight, staining provides unique and satisfying looks while being cost sensitive. A few of the key attributes of a stained finish option are:

• Penetrating stain-will NOT mask surface texture
• Water Repellent
• Durable
• Warranty (25 yr)
• Water Base
• Low VOC Content
• No peeling, fading or frequent maintenance


A recent project, St. James Catholic Church, in Belvidere, IL offered a couple unique opportunities. Budget and appearance were the two major concerns. The original structure was built in 1886 and has a brick exterior. The addition needed to compliment the existing structure in appearance. The successful design consisted of precast wall panels with a custom formliner to match the 128-year-old brick texture. Integral colored concrete was used to match the existing mortar color and a field applied stain is what made the building come to life. Nawkaw provided the staining of the precast wall panels.

“Between color and texture we offer dramatic and creative solutions for finishing concrete” Emmet Croke – Nawkaw

Stained precast concrete wall panels were used on the Hempstead High School Auditorium addition in Dubuque, IA. These panels used a custom formliner for the interior finish. The panels were poured with a grey concrete mix and stained in the field to the designated color chosen by the Architect. The final look of these panels at the interior of the auditorium resembles a theater curtain. The stain was a cost effective solution to achieving the desired feel of the space.


There are many architectural finish options for precast concrete wall panels; sandblast finish, acid etch, thin brick, an endless amount of formliners, paint and stain are a few. Working with a precaster as a member of the design team from the early stages of the project can help you bring the vision to reality.

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    Need to know how to color retaining wall block used on lakes and in yards. we have molds to form block and also do septic tanks.


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