Maintaining building structures from termites and chemicals

Maintaining building structures from termites and chemicals

keogh termite high quality 2Termites can be a big problem. A bad termite infestation can cause long-term damage to your home. This may be dangerous and expensive to repair. Precast concrete is dense, tough and simply will not fall prey to these common enemies of organic materials, it is inedible to termites and rodents. It is also rot proof, fungus proof and mildew resistant. In addition, precast concrete is corrosion resistant and can be used with confidence in very aggressive environments. The piers are resistant to microbial attack experienced in some marine environments. For sidewalks and driveways, precast concrete interlocking pavers are an ideal choice, because they are resistant to fuel and oil spills, they can be replaced easily and they are widely available.The inclusion of titanium dioxide in precast panels not only produces a white color, but it also helps keep the surface clean. This ingredient captures unwanted particles which are then washed away by rain.

According to “The Little Book Of Concrete” produced by the National Precast Association, some say that precast concrete can last up to a ripe and old age of around 2,000 years. To get more information on how to achieve durability and quality get in touch with us at Mid-States Concrete.

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