Thin brick with precast wall panels

Thin brick with precast wall panels

Clay product-faced precast concrete gives architects the flexibility to combine the pleasing visual appearance of traditional clay products with the strength, versatility and economy of precast concrete.  Among the types of materials that can be embedded in the precast is thin brick.  Thin brick can cover the entire exposed panel surface or only part of the concrete face, creating accents.

The brick appearance is created by using a brick form liner to hold the thin brick in place while the concrete is cast.  The embedded thin brick, once cleaned, will give the final appearance of a traditionally laid, full brick wall.

Mid-States has provided precast for many projects requiring thin brick, like Glenview Village Hall in Glenview, Illinois, pictured above.  This was an addition to the existing Glenview Police Department, so thin brick was used to match the existing building.

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One thought on “Thin brick with precast wall panels

  1. Kourtney Jensen

    Having bricks went out of style for a while but I feel like it is making its way back in now. I’m wanting to add a brick fireplace to my home but I want the thinner style bricks rather than the thick bricks. I also want to make sure there aren’t any sharp edges or use some other sort of material for the edge to make sure if someone falls on it, it can be less dangerous.


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