Underground Parking

Underground Parking

Why park outside if you don’t have to?

Basement / indoor parking is becoming more popular than ever for buildings.  With limited space and costly land values, basement parking helps to maximize a projects potential.

“Today’s tenants expect a high level of amenities including underground parking.  A precast concrete floor deck is the economical choice to provide the fire protective structure required “ says Randy Bruce of Knothe & Bruce Architects.

Architects, owners and contractors enjoy several of the benefits the precast system provides, such as
· Design flexibility
· Fire rating
· Parking layout
· Cost effective
· Speed of construction
· All weather construction
· Low maintenance
· Land use

Design Flexibility – “Using a precast concrete floor deck above the parking garage gives us flexibility in our design.  We can design creative and exciting floor plans knowing that the precast concrete floor slab can support the framed bearing walls above” says Randy Bruce.  With the precaster involved early, loads are understood so the precast components can be designed and the layout given to the architect.

Fire Rating – The typical 2 and 3 hour fire ratings are easily achieved with the precast system.  Roger Johnson of JSSH Architects stated “Using precast for the required 3 hour fire rating between parking and residential does not raise any questions from plan reviewers or building officials, therefore helping the process move along faster”

Cost Effective –  Not only is precast more cost effective head to head versus other systems, the overall cost savings are greater when you figure the time savings of erecting, design time, all weather construction and a smaller crew size on site.

All Weather Construction – Precast is erected year round.  The construction schedule is kept on track and sometimes accelerated due to the use of precast.  With all of our components being produced indoors we are able to keep the highest quality standards per PCI.

Land Use – One huge benefit for owners is the efficiency of land use.  “Providing underground parking allows us to increase the density of apartments on a site which in turn maximizes the land value” says Randy Bruce.

Low Maintenance – “The completed structure is low maintenance, easy to keep clean and easy to paint if clients specify” states Roger Johnson.

Precast is regularly used to provide parking under multi-family, senior/assisted living, mixed use and institutional projects.

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