Wall Panels Bearing Details

Detail Number Detail Title
All Wall Panel Details
w1.1 Wall Panel / Joist w/ Bridging Connection
w1.2 Wall Panel / Joist Connection w/ Halfen
w1.3 Steel Beam Bearing on Wall Panel w/ Pocket
w1.4 Girder Joist Bearing in Pocket on Wall Panel
w1.5 cont. Angle w/ Gusset for Joist Bearing #1
w1.6 cont/ Angle w/ Gussets for Joist Bearing #2
w1.7 Wall Panel / Hollowcore Connection w/ Halfen
w1.8 Wall Panel / Plank Bearing on cont. Angle
w1.9 Steel Beam Welded to Plate in Wall Panel
w1.10 Connection Detail w/ Wall Panel and Finish Floor
w1.11 Wall Panel / Finish Floor Connection w/ Coil Insert and Coil Rod
w1.12 Three Hour Fire Rating
w1.13 Four Hour Fire Rating
w1.14 Vertical Joint w/ 1/2″ Chamfer
w1.15 Window / Door Header Detail
w1.16 Mitered Corner Detail w/ 3/4″ Joint
w1.17 Wall Panel Base Connection w/ Non Recessed Plate
w1.18 Wall Panel Base Connection on Foundation Wall
w1.19 Wall Panel w/ Haunch for Plank Bearing
w1.20 90 Degree Corner with Miter
w1.21 90 Degree Corner without Miter
w1.22 B-4 Pole Brace (Top View)
w1.23 Degree Corner without Miter
w1.24 Double Bearing Hollow-core Top of Wall Panel
w1.25 Wall Panel w/ Pocket for Plank Bearing
w1.26 Wall Panel / Plank Bearing on cont. angle with weld connection at top to Halfen
w1.27 Wall Panel for plank Bearing
w1.28 Wall Panel Base Connection
w1.29 Wall Panel Base Connection
w1.30 Wall Panel Base Connection
w1.31 Wall Panel Base Connection (Recessed)
w1.32 Panel to Panel Connection using the JVI Mini-V
w1.33 Panel to Panel Connection
w1.34 Top Panel to Panel Connection
w1.35 Joist Pocket (Section)
w1.36 Joist Pocket (Elevation)
w1.37 Joist Girder Pocket (Section 2)
w1.38 Joist Girder Pocket (Elevation 2)
w1.39 Tube Steel Hanger
w1.40 Hollow-core Side Connection
w1.41 Hollow-core Bearing Condition Concrete Haunch
w1.42 Hollow-core Bearing Condition Steel Angle
w1.43 Panel to Panel Connection Flush w/ Patch Plate
w1.44 Panel to Panel Connection Recessed w/ Patch Plate
w1.45 Panel to Panel Connection 90º Corner
w1.46 Insulated Wall Panel Cross Section
w1.47 B-4 Pole Brace
w1.48 B-2 Pole brace
w1.49 Typical Wall Panel Reinforcement