We Love Working With Scott

We Love Working With Scott

Meet Scott, a leader in his industry.

Scott is a developer who is passionate about developing urban areas.  This avatar is representative of a client we love to work with – a perfectionist looking for a functional and innovative design that is on-budget and on-time.

Scott values integrity, honesty and hard work.  He dreams of developing properties that improve urban neighborhoods; leaving a legacy; and taking care of his family’s future.  It is extremely important to him to impress his family, business partners and the municipalities he develops in.

This is where Mid-States comes in.  What Scott wants most is up front help that is accurate and a project that is completed on time and the right way.  He has high expectations for himself and the people he works with.  Mid-States has gained his trust by providing accurate budget, schedule and design information up front and maintaining it all the way through the project.  He expects partners to do what they promise, just like he does.

Scott now contacts Mid-States at the beginning of a project to help him plan for design, functionality, construction and budget.  He relies on the Mid-States team to continually keep cost in line and do whatever is necessary to get the job done right and on time.

With Scott, we have found an ideal partnership.  Scott looks to Mid-States as a trusted advisor and we look to Scott for passion that leads to world-class buildings.  These are projects we are all excited to be part of.

Watch a short video about Scott here.  Are you our next Scott?  Let us know how we can help!

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