What Do You Want to be When You Grow UP

What Do You Want to be When You Grow UP

An astronaut, a singer, the president, a professional baseball player, a professional Lego builder, a stunt man, Luke Skywalker, a DJ, a pilot, an army man, a marine biologist, a rock star, an artist, a motivational speaker, a comedian, a Saturday Night Live actor, my grandpa.  The list could go on and on, in fact it is kind of fun to remember all the different things we wanted to be when we were kids.

One of mine was to be Ozzie Smith, the hall of fame shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals.  First of all, I have always been a Cub fan but as a kid I was drawn to The Oz.  Always smiling and cheering on his team, making amazing diving plays in the field and who could forget the flip he would do before every game?  That one didn’t work out that well for me, I was pretty good at shortstop but I couldn’t hit to save my life and was only able to blame it on the bat so many times before my coaches started to figure it out.  As for the back flip, I couldn’t even do it in the swimming pool.  That didn’t stop me from trying to imitate him every time we played baseball.  It was almost like having a silent mentor.

What did you want to be?  What could get you so excited that you would pretend you were that person? Why did it seem so cool?

Fast forward, too many years to say, what gets you excited now?  Is it the same things?  They probably bring back fond memories but do not create the drive in you they once did, although I wouldn’t mind challenging you to a Lego building contest any time anywhere.  If you have children, watching them dream is very exciting.  If you have teenagers, well, remember when they were little and how much fun that was.

Who inspires you now?

Post what you wanted to be when you were a kid.

-Jeremy Olivotti

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