What’s mine?

What’s mine?

Yesterday was the first day of school for both of my daughters.  It was also the first day of middle school for my youngest.  Like any guy trying for “Dad of the Year” status I was up before the rest of the crew and made their favorite breakfast, Swedish pancakes.  My youngest was already bouncing off the walls so I am not sure if the sugar was a great idea.  Once they were done eating they were off getting ready for the day.  Once I had everything picked up I went to get ready.


I assumed it was MY turn to get ready in MY bathroom.  It amazes me as to how little I know.  Between my wife and two middle schoolers, both bathrooms were full.  I had to get ready in the laundry room.  Our laundry room has a sink and mirror.  Turns out that one of the lights is out too, I will have to change that tonight.  So what I assumed was rightfully mine actually wasn’t and isn’t and probably won’t be until next summer when they are all sleeping in again.


Have you ever had a customer or account that you assumed was yours?  That you didn’t think there was any possibility that someday you would lose them?  When it comes to our customers they deserve our attention.  If we are consistently adding value to what they do why would they leave us?  If we are not helping them why wouldn’t they leave?



-Jeremy Olivotti

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