When I Grow Up, I Want to Be Famous

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be Famous

Victor Won really wants to be famous.

Won, a project superintendent with Mid-States, has been trying to achieve fame since he was a teenager.

His first attempt at fame occurred during summer vacation while he was a high school student in New Jersey.  He learned that Superstar K, a Korean version of American Idol, was holding auditions in New York.  Since he really didn’t want to study for his SATs, he hopped on a train to the auditions.

“I thought: this is it,” Won said.  “I’m going to be like Kelly Clarkson and start my career.”

Won didn’t exactly have a background in singing, but still prepared a Korean song for the audition.  While he didn’t make it past the audition round, the couple in front of him in line actually became Korean superstars and have made commercials for Dr. Dre’s Beats in Korea.

Won’s next attempt at fame was through stand-up comedy, which he tried his hand at while an upperclassman in college.  Won said his friends always told him he was funny, and with his girlfriend living in New York, surrounded by comedy clubs, it seemed like the perfect time to try out his comedy career.

“It was a lot harder than I anticipated,” Won said.  “It’s hard to make people laugh out of thin air.”

It took Won only three attempts to realize it was much easier to entertain his friends than a bunch of strangers.  After all, he knew what would make his friends laugh.  He did, however, discover his target demographic for comedic entertainment: English-speaking Asian-Americans under the age of 30.

“If you’re not in that demographic, please don’t expect me to be funny,” Won said. (For the record, this writer does not fall into Won’s demographic, but found him hilarious during the interview).

Born in Korea, Won came to the United States when he was just eight- or nine-years-old.  He has lived in Texas, New Jersey, Illinois and Wisconsin.  His favorite place to live was Houston, Texas.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to be famous,” Won said, adding celebrities don’t seem to do much work, but make a lot of money.  “I wanted to leave a mark.”

While reality TV might be his quickest track to getting famous, Won just hasn’t put much thought into which reality show he could appear on.

Won hasn’t put all of his eggs in one basket though.  He attended the University of Illinois and got a project superintendent job with Mid-States right out of college.  He’s been with Mid-States since July 2017 and has his eyes on working his way up to project manager.

“I like to talk and I like to meet new people and in project management, you really get to do that,” he said.

If anyone has any suggestions for which reality show Won should try his hand at, please feel free to comment below.

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