Why PCI Certification Matters

Why PCI Certification Matters

In a lot of construction projects you will find a requirement of the precast concrete manufacturer and/or erector to be certified by “PCI”, or the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institutue.

· Why does this matter?
· What difference does it make?
· It’s just concrete, isn’t it?
Well, yes. And no!

While concrete itself is a pretty-to-easy understand material and dates back (literally) thousands of years, the safe, accurate, and quality design, fabrication, and installation of precast concrete products requires several layers of knowledge, skills, and experience. And while it’s one thing to state you have these attributes, it’s a completely different thing to prove it.


That’s where PCI certification comes in. This certification is a continuous process that proves (there’s that word again) a given precast company is able to not just simply build your product, but also:

· provide unique options or alternatives
· solve your problems
· ensure a quality solution
· complete your project SAFELY and on time.
PCI provides plenty of information regarding this certification, along with the “whys” in deciding to go with “PCI-Certified”. Their link is here, and will open in a new window so your don’t lose your place here:

· Why Specify PCI Certification?
Of course, Mid-States Concrete is fully PCI-certified. But you probably figured that out, by now. If you’re curious about our certifications, feel free to contact me. Or anyone at Mid-States Concrete Industries.

Happy reading; and perhaps we’ll talk to you soon. 🙂

Craig Hurda

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