Why You Should Have a Pre-bid Safety Plan

Why You Should Have a Pre-bid Safety Plan

Most teams are great about including a safety plan during the bidding process.  Several firms already have their company policies included in the project manuals and or exhibits.  How often is a site specific discussed pre-bid?  Not enough.

4 Reasons to Create a Site Specific Safety Plan Pre-Bid
1.  Safer work site.  The entire team knows the plan in advance.  Each project has specific hazards, which can be identified and planned for.  This will ensure the safety of all workers on the site.

2.  Saves money. A pre-bid plan will ensure an accurate budget.  Although our safety policies meet or exceed OSHA requirements, some contractors require different means and methods to ensure the safety of everyone on site.  If special equipment is needed to meet these requirements knowing up front will prevent extra cost that was not accounted for.

3.  Schedule.  Some situations will require more time on the schedule.  With the pre-bid plan, the schedule has already been discussed and accounted for.

4.  Teamwork.   Proper planning enables the entire team to be more efficient.  It is understood that there will be several trades on site at the same time.  Pre-planning would help coordinate where trades can work safely during erecting. Different trades can use best practices from each other and better understand how each trade can coincide on the site.

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