Our mission is to help you see the elegance, the beauty and value of building with architectural and structural precast concrete building systems.  Our promise to you is a unique building design with sustaining performance, a truly memorable and meaningful place in which to live, work and play.

Get to know us better, visit our team pages and feel the excitement and confidence we will deliver for your next project.  We’d love to be part of your team.  With innovative precast solutions and products, Mid-States has a long track record of innovative building solutions for a variety of structures including high-end custom finishes, hidden connections, low headroom issues, sustainability and energy efficiency.  This experience, coupled with our design/engineering expertise, gives us the ability to turn innovative concepts into structural reality.  Learn more »

More Than a Building

What did you want to be when you grew up?  We believe the built environment is more than buildings.  The built environment is about dreams and a better world to come.

Meet Molly and Scott

Meet Molly, the architect, and Scott, the developer.  Mid-States is their building partner for success.  Learn more »
  • A Funko Collection: Pop! Bobbleheads

    Over the past three years, Matt McNett has built up a bobblehead collection worth thousands. The collection, which includes 141 Star Wars bobbleheads, is worth roughly $11,450.  Matt, Information Technology Analyst for Mid-States Concrete Industries, has another 14 bobbleheads on pre-order, just waiting for delivery later this month. It all […]
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  • Mindy Frank Promoted to Project Design Supervisor

    In her 16 years with Mid-States Concrete Industries, Mindy Frank has filled multiple roles and participated in many projects. She began her career with Mid-States in 2000, hired as a project designer.  Mindy started drawing in high school – when they still drew on boards – enrolling in every class […]
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  • Build Green With CarbonCast

    In an era where “going green” has become a way of life, precast concrete manufacturers have a unique opportunity and obligation to participate in the sustainability movement. Due to the inherent sustainable qualities of precast concrete, the material lends itself well to green building practices, according to PCI.  For example, […]
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